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Android dictionaries done right

Posted: 2019-01-09, 12:51
by Fruchtenstein
I would appreciate recommendations of dictionaries for Android, especially, but no exclusively, French, German, Latin, etc to English (or monolingual) which:

- allow the user to share words selected in some other program to the dictionary;
- can find words from their inflected forms.

Offline mode is welcome. Freeware is even more so :)
Other useful language learning software for Android would be great, too

Re: Android dictionaries done right

Posted: 2019-01-11, 11:48
by Gadano
Up! Looking for something like that myself

Re: Android dictionaries done right

Posted: 2020-01-20, 13:20
by Fruchtenstein
So far, my favorite is Reverso Context. You can 'share' selected words to the dictionary. You can find inflected forms. You get a huge number of examples, including synonyms and similar phrases. You can translate whole sentences. It's free (with a premium version). It collects your searches and offers them as flash cards. And it just does feel right :)
Highly recommended.