Reliable linguistic sources online?

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Reliable linguistic sources online?

Postby xBlackHeartx » 2019-01-07, 14:57

I'm currently taking a research class at my local college. I would like to do an essay on linguistics, if my teacher would allow it. But I haven't asked her if I can take that topic, because I don't know what I could cite as sources. Most of what I know has come from wikipedia, my own assessments, and discussions with other linguists. The closest thing to an actual linguistic book I've read is the LCK, the Advanced Language Construction, and recently The Art of Invented Languages. Seeing as David Peterson has a master's degree, I would assume that book is reliable, though I don't know how much 'linguistic' material I could actually get out of it.

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Re: Reliable linguistic sources online?

Postby linguoboy » 2019-01-07, 15:35

The nice thing about Wikipedia is that all articles are required to be backed up with citations and the sources are given at the end of every article. Some of the sources are accessible for free online (such as many of the scholarly papers), others you should be able to find at your college library either in their permanent collection or through interlibrary loan.
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Re: Reliable linguistic sources online?

Postby JohnBrooke » 2019-06-04, 4:53 may be a very good source of Linguistics materials, research papers.

Apart from that, Stanford resource is also worth.

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