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Re: Random language thread 6

Postby Ciarán12 » 2019-09-08, 20:49

Vlürch wrote:So I just realised that I might have overestimated the freeness of Japanese word order in a brain fart moment, but I'm not 100% sure. Is a sentence like 猫の熱狂的に足を掴む (to mean "enthusiastically grab the cat's paw") grammatical? This isn't the exact sentence that made me question it, but the order and "form" of it is the same. In hindsight I'm pretty sure it's not acceptable, but tbh it was in some really shitty lyrics I wrote and it didn't sound fitting in a normal word order no matter what, and I also wrote a line in Russian that I absolutely butchered the pronunciation of, so I figure it doesn't really matter anyway... but I'd want confirmation that it's not an acceptable word order... right?

For what my confirmation is worth, no, it's not. I can't thinknof many examples where you can separate the "posessed" object of the noun preceding the の from the の itself like that.

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