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How to learn english

Posted: 2018-10-11, 11:51
How to learn engilsh
is there anything more tahn english alphabets

Re: How to learn english

Posted: 2018-11-23, 18:23
by Buckwheat

in english:

D - is not pronounced by resting the tongue on the teeth. you rest it above the teeth. as apposed to a - ะด

R - is pronounced in the back of the tongue on the bitter taste buds, rubbing near the molars, not in the middle like in spanish.

C - is a High/sharp S.

English indicates that most other syllables not in the English alphabet are actually diphthongs.

Stressed "A" and "i" syllables are Not Diphthongs. A is commonly spelled, "EH," such as the Canadian slang that references a: Shared Accord.


The best way though, is to focus on a Word. Now describe that word to yourself with examples. Continue to do so, until you feel someone whom is speaking your own language will understand what the word means.
When you begin using other words that are complex, elaborate on them, and return to the precursor lesson afterwards.
{Do not feel burdened by the natural dialog.}
Afterwards, when you have worked your way to a very transparent explanation of the Word, with all the intermediate lessons that were necessary to elaborate on the meanings of your examples, Translate this(this meaning, yours; not my suggestion.) product .


that is my personal learning preference.