GT Funny Translations

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GT Funny Translations

Postby הענט » 2017-07-18, 8:18

I'm not sure if there ever was a thread like this, but I'd like to share some funny GT translations.

[flag=]cs[/flag] [flag=]en[/flag] Růžové sady (Rose garden) - Pink sets

Růžová - pink , růže - rose
Sad - orchard , sada - set ; plural sady

[flag=]en[/flag] [flag=]cs[/flag] Great Wall of China ( velká čínská zeď) - skvělá zeď z porcelánu (a cool china/porcelain wall)

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Re: GT Funny Translations

Postby vijayjohn » 2017-07-19, 0:49

There have been multiple threads like this, though not in a long time. Finding examples is all too easy.

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Re: GT Funny Translations

Postby Vlürch » 2017-09-21, 20:35

This was so funny to me that I had to screenshot it and add the picture with memetext:

Pretty much any sentence with まんこ, which often gets translated as various things like "pencil", "squirrel", "man" or anything else that isn't what it really means: cunt, as in a vulgar term for female genitalia. In katakana, マンコ, though, it does get translated as "pussy". Strangely enough, I could've sworn I posted this before or at least saw somebody post about it... but there are only two results when searching まんこ on this forum and neither one has anything to do with Google Translate, so apparently not. Maybe on some other forum or something...?


Re: GT Funny Translations

Postby הענט » 2017-09-25, 16:11

I know both manko and avici. I'm bad. :)

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