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Re: Interesting Etymologies

Postby vijayjohn » 2019-01-21, 23:25

Some words or parts of words in Jeseri (i.e. the highly divergent variety of Malayalam spoken in Lakshadweep) sound like completely unrelated words in mainland Malayalam but are really English loanwords, e.g. [ˈkaːttɯ] 'heart' (cf. mainland Malayalam [ˈkaːttɯ] 'wind') and [ˈboːʈɯkiɭi] 'boat cleavance' (cf. mainland Malayalam [kiˈɭi] 'bird').

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Re: Interesting Etymologies

Postby linguoboy » 2019-03-14, 16:49

I never realised that truant, a loanword from French, has a Gaulish etymology (*trūgant-, participial form of a verb related to PC *trowgo- "sorry, sad") and, therefore, is ultimately cognate with Irish trua "wretched". It also makes Welsh triwant a reborrowing as well as a doublet of truan "wretch".
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