Please identify the language

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Re: Please identify the language

Postby aaakknu » 2020-12-29, 19:44

vijayjohn wrote:Is there some particular reason why you're wondering? Did you hear these words in Indonesia at some point? :hmm:

I don't remember where I heard it anymore (
I think it was some kind of recording/video I found.
Trying to recall what it was, because I'm very curious now.
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Re: Please identify the language

Postby oho » 2021-01-20, 20:01


What does it say?
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Re: Please identify the language

Postby oho » 2021-01-28, 20:11

What language is this?

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Re: Please identify the language

Postby linguoboy » 2021-01-28, 21:28

oho wrote:What language is this?

Hindi/Hindustani. This is the Bollywood song it's sampled from:
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Re: Please identify the language

Postby oho » 2021-01-29, 14:00


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