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Re: Linguistics thread

Postby dEhiN » 2021-02-20, 21:14

vijayjohn wrote:
linguoboy wrote:Finding attestations of just one unknown Indo-European language could upend our understanding of the whole family (as has happened a few times already).

I think they should do this but often don't, in part because people tend to ignore new evidence in this context IME.

Well, I'm sure linguistics, like many other scientific fields, is susceptible to human foibles such as not wanting to be wrong. Even though the scientific process is based upon hypothesis and theories as well as the desire to keep changing our understanding of the world around us, in practice the aspects of human nature that foster competition, resentment, etc. seem to create blinders for many scientists, not allowing them to truly be open to new findings that could upend their previously held beliefs.

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Re: Linguistics thread

Postby vijayjohn » 2021-02-23, 15:20

Yes, humans tend to be biased in ways that prevent them from really following through with the scientific method. For example, strictly speaking, the same experiment should be run multiple times, but humans get bored. :P

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