True false friends

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Re: True false friends

Postby vijayjohn » 2019-09-03, 1:08

Vlürch wrote:
vijayjohn wrote:I dunno, maybe! (Although I kinda doubt it).

I guess it'd be pretty weird, yeah, and it's probably not like the Ottomans went to Albania like "here's some poetry, read it and then we'll make love I mean talk about literature" or whatever. Although, judging by the quick glance I had at the Wikipedia article about Albania under Ottoman rule, they didn't just unexpectedly rush in guns blazing either... but obviously that doesn't mean their first words to the Albanians were "let's make love have a conversation" either. :P

Honestly no idea why I think I'm funny and why I keep trying to be funny when I'm fully aware of the fact that I'm not funny.

Nah, I thought that was pretty funny, too. But I guess it would've been the Persians who said that to the Ottomans!
I'm not really into poetry myself, although I often wish I was, but it's just hard to get into; I always feel like they should be song lyrics

But they are, in some traditions! Besides, songs are also poems. :)

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