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Re: Duolingo

Postby vijayjohn » 2018-04-15, 4:15

Apparently, now Indonesian is at 99% (this is what it says on my computer, at least).

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Re: Duolingo

Postby Salajane » 2018-04-18, 5:18

vijayjohn wrote:Apparently, now Indonesian is at 99% (this is what it says on my computer, at least).

It's now at 100%. I hope it'll be available soon.
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Re: Duolingo

Postby kevin » 2018-04-18, 10:26

Some other courses were stuck at 100% for months, so I wouldn't hold my breath.

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Re: Duolingo

Postby OldBoring » 2018-04-18, 11:18

Maybe they are at 99.9% :silly:

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Re: Duolingo

Postby ceid donn » 2018-06-11, 17:33

The Duolingo Indonesian course has a launch date now: August 17, 2019. I've been waiting for this one for like 4 years. LOL.

I just returned to Duolingo after almost 2 years. I am finding the new "crown" system to be pretty loathsome, unintuitive and unhelpful. Sadly, resources for Indonesian learning here in the US are still pretty scarce so we may be stuck with this for a while. :?

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