Multilingual True Friends

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Re: Multilingual True Friends

Postby Vlürch » 2019-08-25, 20:18

Naava wrote:Maybe they used the word kiro(t)?

Ohh, for some reason I didn't even know that. :o Interesting, thanks. I don't even know how long it has been since I learned a Finnish word, not counting derogatory slang used on Twitter...

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Re: Multilingual True Friends

Postby vijayjohn » 2019-08-27, 2:58

Romani (rom) daj [ˈd̪aj] - mother
Tamil (ta) தாய [ˈt̪aːjə] - mother

Malayalam also has തായ [ˈt̪aːja], but this is an outdated term in Malayalam and also apparently dispreferred since it's the specific term for 'mother' used in the word for 'motherfucker'.
Vlürch wrote:the nominalising suffix -us in Finnish is apparently a very recent development if I'm understanding Wiktionary correctly?

Where'd you get that impression? I tried looking in Wiktionary in both English and Finnish but didn't find that claim.

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