Which keyboard layout(s) do you use?

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Which keyboard layout do you use?

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Which keyboard layout(s) do you use?

Postby zeme » 2009-09-17, 18:24

I use Colemak because I love it , Russian when needed, and Qwerty when I have to :(
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Re: Which keyboard layout(s) do you use?

Postby hashi » 2009-09-17, 19:13

Ubuntu 9.04's default layout manager allows 4 keyboards at any one time in the list. I have English (USA), Swedish (Sverige), Russian Phonetic and Maori (New Zealand). I also have SCIM with Anthy to allow Japanese typing capabilities.

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I use QWERTY always. :)

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Re: Which keyboard layout(s) do you use?

Postby skye » 2009-09-17, 20:53

qwertz! :D

(I find it really annoying that the computers in the office don't have z's and y's in the same place.)

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Re: Which keyboard layout(s) do you use?

Postby vicza » 2009-09-17, 21:28

I use Qwerty for English (I tried Dvorak, but I do not type in English so often that there would be a reason to switch to it), Russian Typewriter for Russian (the 'standard' "Russian windows" layout is just shit :x ), Qwerty + IME for Japanese, and sometimes Lithuanian IBM for Lithuanian (the 'standard' "Lithuanian" layout is even more shittiest shit than the Russian one).

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Re: Which keyboard layout(s) do you use?

Postby Johanna » 2009-09-18, 18:03

Qwerty always.
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Re: Which keyboard layout(s) do you use?

Postby Spaigelploatje » 2009-09-19, 5:25

US International in Windows.

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Re: Which keyboard layout(s) do you use?

Postby loqu » 2009-09-19, 8:22

Qwerty - Spanish layout.

I type quite fast so I think I couldn't adapt to any other layout now.
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Re: Which keyboard layout(s) do you use?

Postby sa wulfs » 2009-09-19, 11:24

Qwerty - Custom Spanish layout
Which basically means I added a bunch of AltGr characters to the basic Spanish layout.
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Re: Which keyboard layout(s) do you use?

Postby Babelfish » 2009-09-19, 11:54

English QWERTY, though I've dabbled a bit with Dvorak since lately I confuse letters in QWERTY too often (I type fast and with both hands and they sometimes go out of sync :? )
Occasionally I switch to US International, for letters with accents, or Maori - for marking long vowels in Latin :lol:
For Arabic I use the Jordan 101 layout, I haven't seen many differences between the different Arabic layouts in Windows though.
For other languages I just use the default layout, it's not as if I type very fast in them :roll:
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Re: Which keyboard layout(s) do you use?

Postby Æxylis » 2009-09-20, 13:07

I use QWERTY because that's what all the computer's use that I work with. Although I would love to get an APL keyboard :D

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Re: Which keyboard layout(s) do you use?

Postby JackFrost » 2009-09-20, 20:16

Canadian French, which is QWERTY based and much less annoying than few rare France French keyboards (AWERTY based) in this province.
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Re: Which keyboard layout(s) do you use?

Postby Sappho » 2009-09-29, 22:28

Belgian AZERTY

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Re: Which keyboard layout(s) do you use?

Postby Oleksij » 2009-10-05, 13:09

English (QWERTY, UK), Greek, Polish (programmers), Russian (standard), Ukrainian (standard), Slovak, German (QWERTZ, Germany), Spanish (international) and Japanese
(ACIM or whatever it's called)
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Re: Which keyboard layout(s) do you use?

Postby md0 » 2011-05-04, 12:04

QWERTY with Compose [flag]en[/flag] [flag]fr[/flag] [flag]es[/flag] [flag]de[/flag] [flag]ja[/flag] (ローマ字入力) [flag]tr[/flag] (Turkish-Q)
Greek Monotonic with Compose [flag]el[/flag] [flag]grc[/flag]
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Re: Which keyboard layout(s) do you use?

Postby Michael » 2011-06-04, 5:44

[flag]en-us[/flag] US— This is the standard QWERTY layout I assume.
[flag]pl[/flag] Polish (Programmers)— I prefer this one over Polish (214) since y and z aren't switched, thank goodness, and the punctuation marks aren't replaced by special characters and moved up the keyboard, sacrificing about half the punctuation marks I'm used to. Ingenious layout.
[flag]pt-br[/flag] Portuguese (Brazilian ABNT2)— This has all the characters I need, although the fact that the slash is moved to alt+ctrl+q and the question mark to alt+ctrl+w is annoying.
[flag]es-mx[/flag] Latin American— Could just use the Portuguese layout, but I have my ways..
[flag]it[/flag] Italian (142)— This has some punctuation marks peculiar to the Italian style.
[flag]ar-sa[/flag] Google Arabic Input— I can't type in any of the regular Arabic layouts.
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Re: Which keyboard layout(s) do you use?

Postby johntm » 2011-06-04, 5:58

I use QWERTY, US international. I've gotten so used to it that on other computers it's an instinct to hit space after hitting a quote. I like it because I can type a bunch of cool letters and symbols I'll never need.
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Re: Which keyboard layout(s) do you use?

Postby Kenny » 2011-06-07, 16:49

QWERTZ for Hungarian, English and German, QWERTY Standard Spanish whatever for Spanish and AZERTY for French. (it takes some getting used to but then it just becomes second nature basically)

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Re: Which keyboard layout(s) do you use?

Postby Oliver_F » 2011-06-19, 20:15

QWERTZ - so it is the usual layout for writing in German as otherwise I would have to memorize the special letters on the qwerty board while using the german windows language...

Ä ä, Ö ö, Ü ü, ß

It works well for me, if I have to write in English as all 'normal' letters are on the keyboard anyway.

it can be hard though, when trying to learn an Asian language... I tried Chinese once... and found it rather complicated to write Chinese signs by using pinyin :)
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Re: Which keyboard layout(s) do you use?

Postby Mustavaris » 2011-07-13, 20:03

I use a Finnish multilingual keyboard, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:KB_Finnish_Multilingual.svg I had to cut the letters out, laminate them and stick them on an old keyboard, you do have to download a program to make it work though but I can now write any language that uses the Latin alphabet even letters I have never seen before. ọ ơ Ŧ ×
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Re: Which keyboard layout(s) do you use?

Postby MillMaths » 2011-07-13, 20:07

I've never seen (let alone use) any keyboard layout other than QWERTY. :?

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