Best/favorite online monolingual dictionary for your language

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Best/favorite online monolingual dictionary for your language

Postby Linguaphile » 2021-11-24, 5:44

I'd like to make a list of "best" online monolingual dictionaries for different languages here. Please add one for any languages that you know well enough to use a monolingual dictionary!
  • The dictionary should be monolingual. (I've made a similar thread for bilingual dictionaries.)
  • List a single site you think is best, not a list of different sites and not a link to such a list. You should be able to search for a word directly from the site you link to. (It's probably the link you're most likely to use yourself if you want to look up a word online.)
  • If someone else has already added your language and you think a different site is better, add that one too!
  • Keep my list in your message and your own to it (so ideally by the end of the thread we'll have a long list in one post).

I'm starting with a shorter list for this one because really the only languages I use monolingual dictionaries regularly in are Spanish and Estonian.

(es) Diccionario de la lengua española (Real Academia Española)

(et) Eesti keele seletav sõnaraamat (Eesti Keele Instituut)

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