The smallest language you've ever studied

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Re: The smallest language you've ever studied

Postby Osias » 2021-09-14, 15:36

2017 est l'année du (fr) et de l'(de) pour moi. Parle avec moi en eux, s'il te plait.

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Re: The smallest language you've ever studied

Postby Multiturquoise » 2021-09-14, 20:20

One of the smallest languages I've ever studied is probably Nogai with 87.000 native speakers according to the 2010 census.
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Re: The smallest language you've ever studied

Postby Meera » 2021-09-16, 23:28

vijayjohn wrote:Out of the living languages you're learning right now or have been learning lately, which one(s?) has the smallest number of native (or total) speakers? What about out of all the living languages you've ever studied, have dabbled in, know one or two words of, etc.? Have you ever studied any extinct languages? Which one(s)?

I think right now the smallest language I am learning is Korean. In my past the smallest language I've tried learning was Nepali. Nepali was fun and I enjoyed studying it. The only extinct language I've studied is Sanskrit. I'm going, to be honest, that I think studying small languages can be quite difficult. I really like having multiple resources and ways to incorporate the language in your life every day.
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