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Slovak links

Postby geoff » 2005-09-11, 22:08

MP: Sinun täytyy nousta ylös. Aurinko paistaa.
PM: Höh, mitä ihmeellista siinä on?
MP: Talvi on ohi, kevät on tullut ja elämä on ihana.
PM: Nukkuminenkin on ihanaa.

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Postby E}{pugnator » 2005-09-12, 12:43

Basic words and sentences:

A complete course in Russian:
Learning Georgian, Mandarin Chinese, Russian and Papiamentu from scratch. Trying to brush up my Norwegian up to an advanced level.

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Postby jumichlo » 2005-09-12, 18:18

Here a forum called "Learning the Slovak language" under

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Postby Mulder-21 » 2005-09-13, 0:13

And don't forget the Slovak international news channel TA3:
Gløgt er gestsins eyga. (Føroyskt orðafelli)
Wise is the stranger's eye. (Faroese saying)
L'occhio dell'ospite è acuto. (Proverbio faroico)
Hosťovo oko je múdre. (Faerské uslovie)

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Have studied: Hebrew, Russian
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Re: Slovak links

Postby Psi-Lord » 2009-05-29, 8:40

Online monolingual dictionaries:
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Re: Slovak links

Postby kwalijkje » 2010-04-02, 19:11

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Re: Slovak links

Postby Kaede » 2010-08-20, 22:40

Some more links:
Language lessons:

Online newspapers and major websites:

Pravda is Slovakia´s 2nd most read broadsheet after SME, it has gotten a bit more tabloid in the last few years.

Nový čas is the most read daily and the biggest tabloid in the country.

Šport is the major sports daily in the country

Online video: provides streams of the top football, ice-hockey and other sports leagues/events as well as tv shows etc.
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"Koľko rečí ovládaš, toľko krát si človekom."- Slovak proverb

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Re: Slovak links

Postby Massimiliano B » 2014-04-22, 21:39

Slovak language lessons for beginners: ... r_overview
Dette er nemlig Formelen, som beskriver Selvets Tilstand, naar Fortvivlelsen ganske er udryddet: i at forholde sig til sig selv, og i at ville være sig selv grunder Selvet gjennemsigtigt i den Magt, som satte det. (This is namely the formula, that describes the condition of the self, when despair is completely eradicated: by relating itself to itself, and by willing to be itself, the self is grounded transparently in the power which constituted it) (Søren Kierkegaard, The sickness unto death)

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