Eeyah for yes?

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Eeyah for yes?

Postby fun2learn » 2015-02-22, 9:56

Can (Bahasa Indonesia:ya) be pronounced "eeyah" instead of "yah"?

Is their a difference in the pronunciations "eeyah" and "ya" as far as one being informal or something.

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Re: Eeyah for yes?

Postby vijayjohn » 2015-08-24, 3:38

I think "iya" is Malay whereas "ya" is Indonesian. I could be wrong, but that's the impression I get.

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Re: Eeyah for yes?

Postby DannyAlex » 2015-10-08, 2:18

In Central Malaysia we pronounce it like "year" though. :P

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Re: Eeyah for yes?

Postby masdeal » 2015-10-09, 3:21

Yes it can. Ya = iya (pronounced as eeyah) And there is no difference between this two.
Iya (eeyah) is used to anwer a question.
Q: Kamu lagi kerjain tugas sekolah ya?
A: Iya

But Ya is used for make sure things.
Q: Apakah kamu bersedia menjadikan dia sebagai suami/istri?
A: Ya, saya bersedia.

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Re: Eeyah for yes?

Postby hurita » 2017-03-19, 13:42

Formally the word 'yes' in English is translated into 'ya' in Indonesian. However this short answer 'ya' sounds like 'eeyah' when the speaker says it more slowly, so rather than saying the short 'ya', the speaker says it 'iya' which sounds like 'eeyah'.

In many informal situation such as in comic books, the word 'iya' (which sounds like 'eeyah') instead of 'ya' is very common.

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