Osoba ispod mene za početnike

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Osoba ispod mene za početnike

Postby Elaine » 2016-05-14, 10:29

This is a Bosnian "the person after me" game, but for newbies and beginners. By the way, please provide an English translation under the Bosnian sentence.

* Please note what words are written in Croatian or Serbian orthography with a parenthesis, if you're writing in these languages besides Bosnian.

(H) for Croatian
(S) for Serbian
(C) for Montenegrin

So, let's start!

Osobi ispod mene se sviđa biti srećna.
 (tr) |  (el) |  (en)  (lt) |  (bg)  (ka) |  (es)  (fr)  (de)

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Re: Osoba ispod mene za početnike

Postby vijayjohn » 2017-02-25, 17:09

The person below me likes to be happy.


Osoba ispod mene ne govori bosanski. :P
The person below me doesn't speak Bosnian.

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