Help with short christmas message translation

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Help with short christmas message translation

Postby musicman1982 » 2016-11-28, 19:50


Can someone help me with this christmas message; My dad who is originally from latvia, wanted to do a message to the latvian family. But, his latvian is not what it used to be; so I had downloaded google translate (I know it's not that good with grammar with any language) so I had found another app which could help me with that, so for about four hours on and off, with the help of this latvian grammar app and google translate, I think I have managed to get to a message that makes sense? If anyone can take the time to look at it, it will be greatly appreciated.

Here is the message (hopefully) in Latvian:

Uz visi no Latvietis ģimene,

Mēs cerība jums visi būt Priecīgus Ziemsvētkus un laimīgu Jauno gadu.

mīlestība no,

Here is the message (hopefully) in English:

To all of the Latvian family,

We hope you all have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


Again, thank you for your time and patience.


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Re: Help with short christmas message translation

Postby Sol Invictus » 2016-11-29, 13:05

Visai latviešu ģimenei,

Mēs ceram ka Jums visiem būs priecīgi Ziemassvētki un laimīgs Jaunais gads!

Ar mīlestību
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Re: Help with short christmas message translation

Postby maarelis » 2017-01-11, 21:48

Lai Jums visiem laimīgs šis 2017. gaiļa gads !!! :!:

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