I have some questions

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Re: I have some questions

Postby LifeDeath » 2017-03-20, 15:09

linguoboy wrote:Because this action is in progress if you take it in the non-literal meaning Dormouse explained: This rap is creating a new standard by which performances will be judged.

And that's why I like some lyrics of some songs. Especially where non-standard registers are involved. Because it's interesting to see and try to understand what an author wanted us to understand. It's like relishing some good paintings or classical music.

But I think now I've found the thing that was confusing me. My last example seemed strange to me, too. As you said, the second sentence is certain when the first one is not. And you connected them by putting a proper word and now they sound alright. It can also be something different, for example "I think I'm strong enough to go to the pub, you know, I think I'm drinking some beer tonight".

But in that song it was:
"Or the corner pub, and lift the whole liquor counter up
Cause I'm raising the bar."

The word that connects those two sentences is "cause". I suppose the main function of this word in any context is explaining reasons.
"I can't understand this cause I'm stupid". Here "cause" has the second part of the sentence as the explanation for the first part ("I'm stupid, and this is the reason why I can't understand this"). But I don't understand how "raising the bar" might explain "being strong enough to lift the counter up".
Anyway, I think I grasped the meaning of this wordplay, except that little issue mentioned above.

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Re: I have some questions

Postby Babbsagg » 2017-03-20, 19:28

linguoboy wrote:
Babbsagg wrote:To be honest, I don't think that rap lyrics always make a lot of sense. Neither do they always hold up to literature standards. It's mostly over the top self-aggrandisement mixed with third-rate wordplays.

You need to listen to different rappers.

Heh, I know there are better ones. Rap is just generally something I'm lost on (I love NWA though), and I can be a bit polemic/generalising at times, but usually I'm not being too serious when doing that. Sorry for misunderstandings, I know I'm asking for it.
Thank you for correcting mistakes!

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