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Re: księżyc - Gaelainn

Postby linguoboy » 2017-03-13, 3:58

księżycowy wrote:Anyone have any recommendations for singers/artists that sing in Munster Irish?
I'm making the assumption that most (if not all of it) will be traditional Irish music, and that is more than fine.

Most music in traditional dialect is traditional music. (There are a few exceptions, such as Clannad and Enya, where you have native speakers of a traditional Ulster dialect singing pop music.)

I'm partial to the songs of the Ó Súilleabháin clan of Cúil Aodha, particularly Diarmuid, in the sean-nós style. It's easier to find recordings of his brother Eoiní Mhaidhcí, who outlived him by several decades. Danny, the oldest, is better known for macaronic songs. I haven't found much online from the sisters. There's also a well-regarded choir from the same town, Cór Chúil Aodha.

Start poking around YouTube and you'll find a wealth of older recordings, many of them subtitled or with lyrics in the comments. The songs range from humourous ones of recent vintage (e.g. "Táim in Arrears") to 18th-century laments ("Táim Sínte ar Do Thuama"). Some great documentaries from RTÉs archives have been popping up lately, such as this one, which has got me reading Corkery at last.
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Re: księżyc - Gaelainn

Postby księżycowy » 2017-03-13, 9:30

Thanks, I'll start poking around.

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