Multilingual Wish Corruption

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Re: Multilingual Wish Corruption

Postby france-eesti » 2016-07-10, 12:13

 (hu) Nem. 2-3 hónap után, 7-szer drágább lesz.
 (en) No. Within 2-3 months, it'll be 7 times more expensive.
 (fr) Non. D'ici 2-3 mois, il sera 7 fois plus cher.
 (pt) Não. Dentro de 2-3 meses, será 7 vezes mais caro.

 (hu) Egy szép cseret szeretnék ez a nyaron.
 (en) I would like to get a nice tan this summer.
 (fr) J'aimerais avoir un beau bronzage cet été.
 (pt) Gostaria de bronzear bem esse verão.
'fr' (fr) Native - 'en' (en) Fluentish - 'pt' (pt) Fluentish when I was younger, SQL: A2 or something like that - 'hu' (hu) My current addiction - crazy about it!

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