Alphabet Language Game 2

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Re: Alphabet Language Game 2

Postby samarqand » 2014-01-25, 23:22

 (uz) zilzila
.............Fluent in: Australian English (en-au)
.............Learning: Turkish (tr)
.......Knowledge of: German (de), Uzbek (uz), Hindi (hi)
.......Fascinated by: Arabic (ar), Persian (fa), Russian (ru), Spanish (es), Turkic languages (Uyghur (ug),Kyrgyz (ky) etc)

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Re: Alphabet Language Game 2

Postby snowman888 » 2015-04-04, 15:47

 (mn) аав (aav)
Native: (en-US)
Studying:  (ru) (sv) (zh.Hans) (uk) (no)
Previously studied: (is) (es-MX) (ru) (ja) (fi) (el) (eo) (tr) (fr)
Want to study: (mn) (et) (ar-arb) (fa) (lt) (pl) (sq)

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